Use Eva To:  

Send closing gifts at the push of a button

Generate Referral Business

Free up time to grow your business

Eva Determines the Perfect Gift

Eva starts a chat with the person you are giving the gift to to get an idea of their preferences. 

Just CC and provide context for the gift you are giving. Eva will start a chat with the gift recipient to learn preferences. 

You CC Eva

We choose from hundreds of options to put together the perfect gift., and have it delivered directly to its intended recipient.

We Do the Rest

Why do top performers in Real Estate love EvaBot? 

Send a personalized gift in just 30 seconds. 

Set your budget on a gift by gift basis. 

Integrate with your CRM.

Be memorable.

Give a unique experience to each of your gift recipients. 

Include surveys with your gift to increase feedback. 

Over 15,000 gifts have been delivered through Eva. 

Eva enables Real Estate agents all over the US to give better gifts without the hassle.

James Davis

Founder at Handy Crafty

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“What a fun way to get a gift! @TryEvaBot sent my favorite @DAVIDsTEA. So sweet of you @PriyaRangarajan


Jeniffer Miller

Journalist at Lifestyle Magazine

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Laura Walker

Brand Manager at Studio


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Stop giving out generic gifts and giftcards. EvaBot will save you time, help you avoid the awkwardness of asking about allergies or dietary restrictions, and bring you the freedom to give better gifts. 

Meet Eva. 

Eva is a personal gifting assistant designed to help Real Estate professionals save time while sending amazing closing gifts. 

Agents who use Eva to send gifts are able to send personalized closing and referral gifts without leaving an email inbox. 

How is this possible? When you send a gift through Eva, we engage the gift recipient to discover preferences. Once we know a recipients preferences, we choose the perfect gift for them. 

This means Eva is the best tool to help the busy agent save time, and leave lasting impressions with clients. 

 Try Eva today. First gift is on us.

"With Eva, we're able to save time while delivering a great client experience. We even use it to onboard new agents.

Wendy Davis 

Former CEO | Keller Williams, SF

"Eva transformed the way we send closing gifts" 



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